Why Buy?

Why should you buy a pair of Cotton Horse Clothes Track Pants?

Our pants are warm, soft and of good quality. Pants, that when you sit down, still cover your ankles – even after repeated machine washing and drying.

Tall people need tall clothes. The mission of Cotton Horse Clothes is to provide tall people with clothes that are for playing in, running errands in, studying in, working in, lounging around, relaxin’, chillin’, mossin’, veggin’, snoozin’, and otherwise being comfortable in.

Cotton Horse Clothes track pants are designed to be great track pants – exactly what you would like in a pair of track pants, just longer. They are produced in small batches in a manufacturing facility in Toronto, Canada. These garments are expertly sewn together by adult professionals on industrial machines. Each pair is cut, sewn and inspected by hand.   

These pants come in two lengths. Tall sizes have about a 36” inseam and a regular men’s waist to crotch length back/front seam. Extra Tall sizes are for those really tall guys – 40” inseam and approx. 1.5” longer waist to crotch back/front seam.

They come in two colours – black and grey. The black is very black and the grey is a medium colour. The grey is slightly softer on the outside than the black as the colour is yarn dyed rather than garment dyed. They are the same inside – warm and soft.

The side pockets are designed to be long enough, so your stuff stays in while you are sitting down.

The waistband is designed to be soft and comfortable, and not cut you in half. The string tie gives you added security but can be easily removed if desired.

These pants are long and they are going to stay that way. They have minimal to zero shrinkage. You can toss them in the washer and dryer on your usual settings and they will come out the way they went in – only cleaner.

Cotton Horse Clothes is proud to offer these great pants and we hope you will try them and love them and tell your Tall friends and family. These pants can also worn by Tall women. More than one woman we know has a pair...